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Healthcare in Dubai – An Introduction

In Dubai, the quality of healthcare is significantly high and equal to that in the USA and the Western Europe; except for some highly specialized treatment. Dubai is ranked is the second most popular medical tourism destination by the World Bank. The Dubai Health Authority (DHA) manages the private healthcare facilities. All the public healthcare centers are governed by Hospital Service Sector (HSS).

Based on the small population of Dubai and various medical facilities in the public and private sector, long waiting lists are very rare. It is sometimes necessary to seek medical assistance outside Dubai for specialized treatment. Locals who cannot afford it, often do so. Members of the royal families and wealthy Arabs habitually have all major operations and treatments outside their own territory, particularly in American cities and London. Some of Dubai’s doctors and medical staff although, are local, the majority of them are foreign and were trained in their home countries (outside the UAE). The attraction of Dubai for them is the same as for most other expatriates and workers i.e. financial rewards.

The public and government-run hospitals provide healthcare facilities for free however, they may restrict it to the locals of the UAE only. Foreign visitors and expatriates may be refused treatment if they don’t have a health card issued by the Ministry of Health, UAE. Private hospitals, although, provide equally best medical treatment and care but they can be expensive. The consultation fee itself can be more or equal to $50 excluding fees of tests and other examinations.

It is advisable to obtain a proper international health insurance prior to moving to Dubai. It can save you from spending a lot of money on healthcare and treatments. You can also apply for a health card from issued by Ministry of Health to make yourself eligible for public hospitals.

Most commonly, the expatriates face the issues of dehydration, heat stroke, depression, and anxiety. There may be other issues based on the climate of Dubai. Most of the employers provide their employees with the facility of health insurance so that they don’t have to spend a lot of money on their health.

Dubai is continuously trying to improve the infrastructure of healthcare and so far they have achieved best results which are more improved than most of the developed countries in the world.