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Life is not to get bored with daily office works and schools, for a change from the routines ad to refresh plan out some exiting journeys you can have with your friends and family. Visiting a destination and seeing lots of attractions that you have never been before is a great experience which you should feel! World is not limited to location where you all lives there are many exiting places and attractions to explore and must visit to find out the wonders that area round you. Look for popular destinations where you can have lots of spots to visit and make your journeys a memorable one to cherish. UAE is such a great destination which is aimed by most tourists. It is a great location where you can have great views and attractions. You can spend your vacation at UAE visiting some of the world wonders and getting involved with many sport events and activities which you never been at before. Jet skiing, skating, scuba diving, fishing are some of the excellent activities which can make your days acquire lost of memories.

Exciting UAE spots

Do not miss out the world famous mosque sheikh zayed mosque at abu dhabi where you can have best Friday. Non Muslims can also see out the beauty of this great mosque. The dubai museum and underwater zoo which is the famous dubai aquarium are other great attractions which you should definitely visit to see great wonders. If you are looking for cruising then try out the great dhow cruise creek at dubai where you can enjoy the dubai beauty with lots of fun by cruising. Try to make out the arrangements and do bookings early to enjoy this beautiful experience. Visit  to explore the creeks and have some great events like dance, dinner and other interesting games. Make your trip a great one by having beautiful sightseeing’s and more at UAE. Dubai shopping festival is a main attraction where huge number of visitors witness. This great occasion with many stalls and events are seen on January – march at dubai. If you want to become the part of this wonderful event do your bookings to dubai at this time.

Ready for safaris?

Desert safari is aloes a popular activity that every tourist gets attracted with. It is a great way to explore the desert enjoying its beauty and visuals by making out rides or drives. Visit  for having great experience in desert with beautiful sunset which you never had been before. Morning safari’s and evening safari’s are something which you can enjoy as they are different in giving you best views. Make your journeys a great one and depending on travel agents would be the best way to reach up and enjoy these beautiful safaris rather than taking the risk your own. If you are new to these locations, you may get confused and it is better to let you guide by someone who can arrange you best activities. Visit to know more.